Welcome to HPCRAZY.COM - I am Hanspeter Kruesi, a Swiss pro guitarist and here you find all about my world of guitar playing. Have some fun.


" Hanspeter Kruesi, beside being recognised as a great guitar player, performer with a broad range of music stiles, particularly highly skilled in (Stanley Jordan's) tapping technique; is the one of the TOP guitar instructors online in USA. His guitar playing and video lessons, Guitar Tricks and Talking Guitar, had been visited over more then 10 years by large numbers of worldwide online visitors with the greatest interest! The way his guitar “talks” is simply the best: creativity, personality and a bit of humor, together with professionality, brings out a good and easy going musical experience to the high level and artistic improvement. "

Some of you might ask yourself who is this guy calling himself " HPCRAZY " ? Actually my normal name is Hanspeter Kruesi, which is a very boring Swiss name. When I was a kid I lived in Jamaica and my sister was a swimming champion. The funny thing was that nobody could spell her name right during the winners ceremony and they always said " Monika Crazy " instead of " Kruesi ". Everybody in Switzerland calls me HP and so I thought that it would be a funny idea to become " HP crazy " and to create my motto :



Of course there are more credits then only my name :

  • I have been a pioneer in online education running leading websites in the German part of Europe from 1998 - 2006.
  • I have been featured as instructor on and in the period of 2006 - 2012 and I have been a representative for Switzerland on a international symposium 2005.
  • I have been playing many shows and concerts in Switzerland with the high light on world famous Jazz Festival Montreux.
  • I am working as a composer since 2003 having many placements in TV shows on Swiss Nation TV, BBC and ABC.


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