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Hpcrazy - IN ROCK

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A great summary of the best rock recordings from 2002 - 2010. The special feature on this CD is, that all tracks are played in one row without any editing or cutting. I really wanted to create rock music as it would be a live concert.



Into The Sunbeam


Hpcrazy Rocks


Top Run


Earth Crying

Deep Impact

Victory - Fight for it






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HPCRAZY – Blues City

Blues City is a small and dusty town in the ancient wild wild west. There are several characters living there and some different situations and scenes happening which are described through the music.

Hanspeter Kruesi ( HPCRAZY ) is a Swiss pro guitarist which has the ability to draw pictures with his music and his guitar. Inspired through movies by Quentin Tarantino movies he created and realized this project. Creating emotions through polarities is one of his favorite method in telling stories with music. As a well-respected composer for Swiss TV and international TV Channels, Hanspeter gave " Blues City " the touch of a wild west movie with some unusual pictures and stories.

Even Hanspeter is a guitar virtuoso, being popular for many years as online guitar instructor world wide on or to name 2 of the companies he worked with. Blues City was never meant to be a pure guitar feature album. The pictures and emotions are what always have been in the focus of Hanspeter's artistic work.


Wild Wild West
Welcome to the ancient wild wild west. We are riding through the wide landscape of Arizona.

Mountain Cowboys
We are meeting some friends at the campfire and enjoying the wonderful mountains which we are surrounded.

Drunken Snake in the Dessert
Travelling against south we are getting into the dessert. It is very dry – slowly we are approaching Blues City. From far we can see a snake which comes out of a bar – the snake is totally drunk and crawling through the sand with a terrible headache and totally dizzy. Suddenly 40 riders approach very fast and in an instant one horse steps on the head of the snake – and it is dead.

The Horse
The horse which hit the snake now stand around it and does not know what to say. It is very old and dusty and has kind of crazy eyes. That the horse has killed the snake makes it totally depressive and so it gets out the guitar and starts to play the blues.

Unemployee Pier
As we are approaching Blues City we pass a small little lake where you can see a pier. It is a know hangout for all unemployed people in town. There they hang around the whole day doing nothing, smoking, drinking and fishing. Even they do nothing they have a great time smoking that funny weed which is growing near that lake and laughing all the time.

The Church
The 40 Riders are entering Blues City – suddenly they hear the bell of the church ringing. The notice that it is Sunday and time to go to church. So the enter the church and start to feel the spirit of Gospel and God.

Reverend Carter
Now Reverend Carter enters the church. He is known in Blues City as a man who tries to do good but mostly fails because of whiskey and cheap women. But he has a fast shooting hand and sometimes he is successful to defend the right of the weak and poor because he is a mean as his enemies.

Grandma's Apple Pie
After church people leave the church when they suddenly get a wonderful smell in there noses. Its grandma's apple pie which she has put on the window ledge to let it cool down. The 40 riders are very hungry and since they always take what they want with force they approach grandma's house to steal the apple pie. And so they start to get into heavy shooting fights themselves just because they got so greedy because of grandma's apple pie.

The Sheriff
The sheriff is the good guy in Blues City. He rides a white horse and his colts are blank and made of shiny steel. All people really love him because he is the big hero in town. He always succeeds to defend law. Cool, hard headed but very firm in his actions he defends the law in Blues City. He see's the fight about grandma's apple pie – so he goes there and clears the situation and gives grandma here apple pie back.

Night Crawler
As the sun goes down a lonely rider approaches Blues City. He looks very mysterious. His hat is in his face so you can not see his face but you can see the smoke of his cigarillo he is smoking. And as it is getting night he slowly enters the bar to get himself a bottle of Whiskey and a good smoke.

The Bad
Suddely a very bad and mean looking man enters the bar. He wants to fight. Everybody is scared and hides. Only one man is ready to stand tall and firm. The “ Night Crawler “ - he starts to fight with “ The Bad “ - and now even the 40 riders enter the fight and so it gets really wild.

Heavy Session
The sheriff hears that there is a heavy session going on in the bar. He takes his guns, his white horse and approaches the bar to make some arrests. Fighting goes on through the whole night, but like a shining light the sheriff enters the fight.

The Bullet
Suddely one bullet hits “ The Bad “ and fighting stops. Good has won. Daybreak has begun.

The Goodbye
After being one day in Town making some friends and buring “ The Bad “ as sun goes down the “ The Nightcrawler “ leaves Blues City. He never turns back when he leaves a place and leaves everybody behind.

My last Smoke
I am the teller of this story – I am living in Blues City and watching all people going there ways and live there lifes and now I smoke my last cigarrette.